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The Solution Is…


Write THREE equations that have a solution of:    x = -1

What I like about school.


I like that we can make new friends and have fun at school. Also, I really love the teachers, they are amazing and they help us learn! xD

what do you need to know from year 6


don’t stand on the table.

don’t eat on the outside if it raining.

don’t bring your lunch into the bathroom.

don’t fight with your little sister or your little brother

don’t annoy your teacher’s.

don’t be mean to your friend’s.

don’t talk over the teacher 

trapped in a bottle


Pushing hard against the smooth glass nowhere to go,

nowhere to hide. The tide rising like a whale from the

depths below how did I get here, now I remember…

I fell in a giant bottle like a drop of ran.

It was my birthday and I had a piece of cake

and someone put a shrinking potion in it.

It was right in the morning and

the water was at the top. Someone

put a note in the bottle.

It said drink the water.

I did and got out of the bottle.

There was only one person there that

made the cake.Me, I must of tipped one of

my friends special potions. I went and said,”

was anyone looking for me “.

He couldn’t hear me .

I slapped him and he turned around and

saw nothing. I picked up the phone

and I saw something else had happend .

But how did the note get in the bottle.

Someone must be able to see me.

I was invisible but how.

I didn’t touch any of his other

potions. must of been the water.

Bobble Cat


Bobble cat king. his name is Jerold. they are called bobble cats because they are cats and they are round and when they walk they go side to side. Bobble cats have platypus tails a round fat body two small paws two simmer green eyes six wire whiskers a tiny mouth big ears and a shiny gold crown big ear and a red jewels on each side and a green circle jewel in the middle. Bobble cats have many powers like swaying motion and vibrating meow They hide under ground and in tree roots.

One Day


One day i saw a stinky looking monster named Bob. He had a slimy t-shirt with a sea gull on it. He had a Dick Smith beach ball and a friend called Cindy. She had a nose that was running. She looked like a lumpy old boogie with 21 dirty toilets stuck to her. She had a sparkly but ugly vest on and she  looked silly. I said ick because they were reading books and monsters can’t read. 

scary old witch


I’m named after my mother my mother’s name was

feline. I have dark brown hair my eye’s are as blue as

the sky just like my mum’s . when I talk I sound like

an evil witch.I wear raggedy old disgusting clothes

because I am poor  and homeless. as I walk  my ugly

old disgusting clothes drag across the floor.

I dream that one day I will have beautiful clothes.

as I walk my right foot drag’s because I was crippled

after being hit by a car.when I walk to the park

or out where people see me I yell and I scream

this makes people scared of me.

Baileys mad lib


I recently had the honor  of taking our class pet,  a lumpy rabbit named Kane to my house for the  weekend.

I carried the little guy in his bumpy  cage and left him on the kitchen wendy’s as I went  about  my afternoon chores of uploading the

bells cafe  washer and taking out the Tayla.  When I came back my brain dropped open  in shock.  He was  gone!

My heart was swimming a mile a minute as I  stupidly  ran through the house.  I checked  every  room at least  one million  times

desperate I even  checked my pile of  dirty toilet brushes twice .  But I  couldn’t find him anywhere. Finally I heard

a cutting noise and I followed it to the  basement .  There right  next  to the running water heater was my  class rooms precious rabbit

with five  jogging baby rabbits. Ig  there  he was a she ! And  she had  just given birth to a litter of toes.

”the big enormus seal ”


There we go, said my 6 year old cousin who had just put her green overalls on as I got my big green overalls on too.  She got  my hat and scarf for me.  After we were ready Emma and I got into the car and grandpa drove us to the beach. When we got there we had to walk across a creek as we were walking my cousin started to scream. We looked  around and we were standing in front of a big enormus seal on the sand. Wow said grandpa quickly stepping back from the seal. We calmed Emma down then we slowly walked back to the truck. That was the  end of our day .!!!!

The Monopoly Wii Game


Yesterday  i  got  a  monopoly  game  from  my  aunty  fionia,  she  lives  all  the  way  in  england. My  new  game  is  played  on  wii. My  family  and  i  played  it  from  about  3  to  about  9,  and  thats  the  original  version. Anyway  we  had  a  good  time  and  thats  all  that  maters.                                                                                                                                                                     By   Tayla


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How’s the weather?

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